The T.H. Broyhill Park (commonly known as the Walking Park) is a great place for people who want to relax and unwind after a long day at school or work. Located at Lakewood Street in Lenoir, North Carolina, this leisure park is approximately 20 acres of pure beauty in its natural, majestic state.

This park offers a wide variety of stunning, photo-worthy man-made and natural attractions that will surely make your everyday strolling more enjoyable. Leisure runners will have a great time exercising on the park's .43 mile paved loop while others can bask in the beauty of the place's astonishing garden, central pond, and exquisite trees, shrubs and flowers. T.H. Broyhill Park is also the home of Joe T. Ingram Nature Sanctuary, a haven for waterfowls and lovely botanical gardens.

Aside from its magnificent landscape, this park is also open for various activities such as the annual Caldwell's Sculpture Celebration every fall, weddings and more. Indeed, T.H. Broyhill Park is more than just a leisure walking park.